Ultimate Hong Kong Escape

A great mixture of modernity and history, combined with spectacular culinary experiences and world class shopping, Hong Kong is truly an ultimate urban escape. Whether just visiting for a stopover, or as a stand alone holiday destination, this vibrant and lively city is hard to hate. (more…)


New Beginnings

Welcome to the new and improved version of ‘My Champagne Taste Life’

It has been some time since my last post. Over the summer, I decided to take a break from blogging and do some serious soul searching. I was feeling a bit out of touch and frankly just didn’t have any ideas of what to post about next. In the last few weeks, I have really come to realise what I am passionate about and what gets me truly excited. The subject that I could talk about for hours and not get bored. For me that is definitely travel!



Travel beauty essentials- Carry on

IMG_2462We all know the struggle of trying to pack your carry on beauty bag. How will you survive without your full make-up kit?! How is all your stuff meant to fit into a tiny clear plastic bag? As someone who struggles to condense my regular beauty products for travel, let me tell you, I hear you loud and clear, but don’t panic, it can be done! (more…)


The Pre-Travel Checklist

IMG_2408When it comes to travelling, you can never be too prepared in my opinion. I like to be super organised, hence will often start my research and planning weeks or even months in advance! (What can I say, I’m eager with anticipation!) (more…)