This destination guide is designed to be a more in-depth companion guide to pair with the ultimate Hong kong itinerary. If you’re looking for help on where to stay, eat and shop, as well as handy transport info, I’ve got you covered!

Getting Around

Airport access:

The quickest and easiest way to get to your hotel is by taking the Airport express. This will get you from the airport to Kowloon station in 22 minutes and to Hong Kong central station in 24 minutes. The price is HK$90 to Kowloon or HK$100 to Central (approx AU $15-17). You can also purchase a return ticket and save money by doing so.

You can then take a complimentary airport shuttle bus to a number of popular hotels from these 2 main stations. Even if your hotel is not on the list, you will likely be able to get off at a stop convenient to your hotel location and walk from there.


Taxis are relatively cheap in Hong Kong and can be a good alternative to catching the MTR back and forth.


The MTR network is a very safe and reliable way of getting around. It is well priced and very easy to use to connect to most destinations. It may be worth getting an Octopus card for the few days that you’re in Hong Kong. This is a pre-paid travel card similar to Myki, Opal etc. For  HK$150 (approx AU$25) you can purchase an ‘on-loan’ card. This means you’ll get a HK$50 refund if you return your card when you leave, whilst receiving HK$100 of credit to get your started. Simply purchase from any MTR station, including the airport and top up as required.(Can be used to cover airport express also)

Star Ferry:

This quintessential Hong Kong experience is simply a must do at least once during your trip. The ferry runs between Tsim Sha Sui (Kowloon side) and Central or Wanchai (Hong Kong central side) and takes only around 15 mins each way, providing spectacular views as your cross the harbour. Best of all, it is incredibly cheap at around HK$3 (about AU$0.50c!!!)



You may find yourself wondering which side of the harbour is best to stay on, Hong Kong Island or Kowloon? You’ll find varying opinions with a simple google search, but I personally think that Kowloon is a great choice. First of all, there is a huge selection of hotels to choose from, which tend to be slightly cheaper. Secondly, you’ll find no shortage of dining, shopping and nightlife to entertain you and finally, you’ll get great views of Victoria harbour, especially at nighttime to watch the evening lightshow.

Kowloon Hotels

Budget- under $150 per night:

Standford hotel Hong Kong (Mong Kok area)

The Bauhinia Hotel– (Tsim Sha Sui)

Moderate- under $250 per night:

The Perkin – (Tsim Sha Sui) *This is where we stayed on our most recent trip. Very stylish and modern hotel, centrally located. Highly recommended! Read my trip advisor review here

Butterfly on Prat– (Tsim Sha Sui)

Luxury- $250 and up:

Hotel ICON– Tsim Sha Sui

Kowloon Shangri– La- Tsim Sha Sui

Ultra Luxe- $500 and up:

The Peninsula– Tsim Sha Sui

The Ritz Carlton– Kowloon West


Hong Kong Island hotels

Hotels on this side of the harbour tend to be more expensive, so if budget is an issue, you may want to stick to Kowloon, or further out of city central.

Budget- under $150:

The Bauhinia hotel central– Sheung Wan

JJ Hotel– Wan Chai

:Moderate- under $250 per night:

The Burlington– Wan Chai

Dorsett Wanchai- Wan Chai

Luxury- $250 and up:

The Jervois – Sheung Wan

Mira Moon– Wan Chai

Ultra Luxe- $500 and up:

The Pottinger Hong Kong– Central

The Upper house– Central


You will find no shortage of places to eat in Hong Kong, from cheap local eats to michelin starred dining, so it really depends on what you’re in the mood for. If you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, it is well worth visiting one of the many fine dining restaurants. Some of my suggestions would be:

Breathtaking views:

Wildfire Pizza– Victoria Peak  $$

Casual pizza restaurant with amazing views over the island and kowloon.

Tosca– Ritz-Carlton hotel, Kowloon $$$$

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, this is the place to do it. Breathtaking views and top class food and service at this Michelin starred restaurant. Expect the price to reflect this!

Top Dim Sum:

Lin Heung Tea House– Central $$

Long running and authentic dim sum restaurant, but be prepared for the crowds that come with it.

Din Tai Fung– Tsim Sha Sui $$

This chain Taiwanese restaurant offers a variety of tasty and affordable dishes.

Fine Dining:

Aside from Tosca, there are no shortage of fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong. There are actually 61 Michelin starred restaurants in Hong Kong! So if you’re looking for somewhere to have a a special occasion dinner, you’ll have no shortage of options.

Caprice– Four Seasons hotel, Central $$$$

This 2 Michelin star restaurant offers a French contemporary cuisine with stunning views and equally as beautiful interiors.

Man Wah– Mandarin Oriental- Central $$$$

Traditional Cantonese cuisine and exquisite decor.


Hong Kong is well known as a shopping capital, with no shortage of luxury malls, shopping strips and markets. Be sure to check out some of these areas:

Hong Kong Island:

Causeway bay: The shopping mecca of Hong Kong, you will find a large number of huge shopping malls and department stores located here.

Central: Here you’ll find plenty of high end shopping malls such as Pacific Place, The Landmark and IFC mall 


Harbour City– Tsim Sha Sui- high end shopping mall

Nathan road- Long main shopping street in Kowloon with a variety of stores, malls etc.

Ladies market– Mong Kok cheap fashion and accessories. Great for bags, watches etc.

Temple street night market– Kowloon, a bit of everything from fashion to souvenirs.



The currency of Hong Kong is the HK Dollar. Check here for current exchange rates. ATM’S are widely available in Hong Kong and credit cards are accepted in most places. I always like to carry some cash on me, as I find it makes it easier to budget for each day. Some places such as markets and smaller cafes may only take cash.

As far as spending money, I think it really depends on what you plan on doing but I would allow between HK$ 500- 1000 per person, per day (excluding accommodation) Add more for days where you visit Disneyland or go out for a nice meal.

So there you have it, I hope that you’ve found some useful information and handy tips to help you out on your next visit to Hong Kong.

Got any questions? Feel free to comment below.

Happy Travelling!












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