IMG_2462We all know the struggle of trying to pack your carry on beauty bag. How will you survive without your full make-up kit?! How is all your stuff meant to fit into a tiny clear plastic bag? As someone who struggles to condense my regular beauty products for travel, let me tell you, I hear you loud and clear, but don’t panic, it can be done! Above you will see the finished product, a picture of all of my liquids/gels and aerosols packed into a clear bag, just to prove that it actually fits in! Below I’ve listed all of the items that I would personally choose to include. I like to have everything on hand that I might need during a 24hr long haul flight. Bear in mind that you might like to add or subtract items to fit your preference. Almost every item listed below is inexpensive, costing from $2 to $20.


Inflight essentials
Remember that for International flights, you’ll need to keep your carry on liquids,gels and aerosols to100ml or under and everything must fit into a clear toiletries bag or ziplock bag of no more than 20cmx20cm. Don’t forget to include lip balms/lipsticks, as they count as a liquid/gel. Interestingly, so do gel-filled capsules such as some vitamins.

Beauty bag essentials

  1. Facial mist– my favourite is Avène Eau Thermale, it’s relatively cheap and great for spritzing on you face throughout the flight.
  2. Moisturiser– a sample tube of moisturiser or small tub is ideal. For simplicity, I like Nivea Soft. This no-frills moisturiser can double as both a face cream and a hand cream.
  3. Lipbalm– I can’t go past my good old Strawberry chapstick, ultra-moisurising and with a hint of sheen.
  4. Mouthwash -if you don’t have a tooth brush and toothpaste, this is a must!
  5. Small tube of toothpaste and brush
  6. Travel sized deodorant
  7. Small pack of cleansing wipes– if you’re wearing make up and want to reapply it before you get off, or just to re-fresh your skin mid-flight.
  8. Hand sanitizer– use this before you touch anything! Planes can be dirty!
  9. BB cream/foundation for touching up– if you’re anything like me, there is literally no way you’re stepping off the plane without at least a little make-up on. I use Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream.
  10. Mascara– the same reason as above. You can survive with just a little bb cream, mascara and lip balm.
  11. Eyedrops– I find that my eyes tend to dry out easily on planes, so eyedrops are a must.
  12.  Rosehip oil– I usually use a bit of Rosehip oil at night for an extra moisture boost, so if travelling on a night flight, apply a few drops of this to your face after spritzing with face mist. Once it has soaked in a bit, layer your moisturiser over the top to keep your skin from drying out. I love Sukin Organic Rosehip oil 
  13. Dry shampoo– pack a small size can for refreshing your roots just before you land. Try Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo
  14. Perfume– in a rollerball or sample size atomiser. Acqua di Parma Magnolia is my go-to travel perfume. It’s light, crisp and reminds me of being on permanent summer holiday!


If you like to travel bare-faced then you can probably skip the make-up, but if you’re worried about looking alive at the other end, I would at the very least take some BB cream and mascara!

What about you guys? Is there anything else in your beauty bag that you can’t live without when you travel?





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